terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

Sketches, sketches, sketches

I have much stuff I did this year, mainly at jam sessions and reunions with friends, or even alone. I've decided to post my drawings, and here is part of these ones.

Thanks for my friends who have taked part of these study sessions:
Diego Maia (http://www.maia3d.blogspot.com/),
Cristiano Rio (http://cristianrio.blogspot.com/),
Eduardo Vieira (http://www.eduardovieiraart.blogspot.com/),
Jorge "Querubim" Monteiro (http://jorgequerubim.blogspot.com/),
Vinicius Maia, and Lucas.

We hope to have another oportunitties to continue our reunions, if we have free time.

Hope you enjoy it!

Chinese Theme:

 Justice League (DC Comics):

Several sketches and sudies:

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