quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009

Native Jedi

This concept was done to CGHub 20th jam: Jedi concept.
It was very funny taked part of this contest, and work creating a Jedi.
I hope you enjoy it!

terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009


Some studies of sci-fi theme I made in my free time. They are a collection of diferent drawings, not the same project.

Some of them will be continued to colored versions or well done illustrations.

Coming soon...


This is not my speciality, but some months ago my friend Eduardo and me were invited to work at a party, making caricatures of everyone who are interested. Well, we practiced very much to have no problems about time or make recognizable faces, and make everybody happy.

Almost all drawings was made in about 30 minutes. The 2 last images was done in 10 each one.

Personally I liked the experience and I want to improve my habilities to make caricatures.

By the way, I will make colored versions of some of these portraits (It's dificult to me having free time, but one day I'll do it, hehe).

Note: I don't want to mention exactly who are, so... does someone want to guess their names? (politics, actors, brazillian famous people, someone's little daughter...)

Wushu Figures

Some characters I've created to my Wushu (kungfu) academy: "Academia Wudang de Arte Marcial Chinesa" (something like Academy of Chinese Martial Art Wudang), where I've been practicing for almost 10 years.

These images was used on t-shirts.


Sketches, sketches, sketches

I have much stuff I did this year, mainly at jam sessions and reunions with friends, or even alone. I've decided to post my drawings, and here is part of these ones.

Thanks for my friends who have taked part of these study sessions:
Diego Maia (http://www.maia3d.blogspot.com/),
Cristiano Rio (http://cristianrio.blogspot.com/),
Eduardo Vieira (http://www.eduardovieiraart.blogspot.com/),
Jorge "Querubim" Monteiro (http://jorgequerubim.blogspot.com/),
Vinicius Maia, and Lucas.

We hope to have another oportunitties to continue our reunions, if we have free time.

Hope you enjoy it!

Chinese Theme:

 Justice League (DC Comics):

Several sketches and sudies: