terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009


This is not my speciality, but some months ago my friend Eduardo and me were invited to work at a party, making caricatures of everyone who are interested. Well, we practiced very much to have no problems about time or make recognizable faces, and make everybody happy.

Almost all drawings was made in about 30 minutes. The 2 last images was done in 10 each one.

Personally I liked the experience and I want to improve my habilities to make caricatures.

By the way, I will make colored versions of some of these portraits (It's dificult to me having free time, but one day I'll do it, hehe).

Note: I don't want to mention exactly who are, so... does someone want to guess their names? (politics, actors, brazillian famous people, someone's little daughter...)

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